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As individuals, families, and communities, most of us are drowning in debt. Debt keeps us isolated, ashamed, and afraid. We are not a loan. Join us as we imagine and create a new world based on the common good, not Wall Street profits. Subscribe to our mailing lists and stay up to date on the latest news. Just send an email to any and all lists you are interested in joining:

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“Just as bosses are dependent on workers, so are lenders dependent on borrowers. If workers walk out, the enterprise stops. If borrowers refuse to pay their debts, the lenders could be in real trouble. Each side depends on the other. The millions of underwater mortgage holders, of student debtors and credit card holders, need the bank loans – but so do the banks need those borrowers, and they especially need them to cooperate by paying their monthly charges. Otherwise, the capital that the banks list on their books begins to drain away.” ~Francis Fox Piven
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Money As Debt I - How Our Money System Works (2006)
47 Minutes
"The best introductory [presentation] which has yet been produced on the subject of Money Reform… This very competently animated production captures the absurdity of our money as debt system like no other production before now. It illustrates clearly that our medium of exchange is created as a debt and if everyone paid back their debts we would have no medium of exchange.”
– Alistair McConnachie, Prosperity UK
Money As Debt II - Promises Unleashed (2009)
1 Hour 17 Minutes
"Bailouts, stimulus packages, debt piled upon debt, Where will it all end? How Did we get into a situation where there has never been more material wealth and productivity and yet everyone is in debt to bankers? And now, all of a sudden, the bankers have no money and we the taxpayers, have to rescue them by going even further into debt! Money as Debt II explores the baffling, fraudulent and destructive arithmetic of the money system that holds us hostage to a forever growing DEBT…and how we might evolve beyond it into a new era.”
Money As Debt III - Evolution Beyond Money (2011)
1 Hour 2 Minutes
"This third and final movie in Paul Grignon’s Money as Debt Trilogy sets out to prove that our primitive concept of money as a “single uniform commodity” is the ROOT cause of money system dysfunction. Presented in four parts. Money As Debt III - Evolution Beyond Money paints a comprehensive picture of how a completely liberated and self-disciplining money “alternative” could free us from the current system’s built-in need for perpetual growth.”

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